Panthera Tigris

India's national animal - its pride 
A beautiful cloak, ferocious inside
Walking by the riverside

She has three cubs back in her lair
This region also belongs to leopard & bear
The cubs are taught not to run off anywhere

Her favorite food is the sambar deer
Langurs hoop & peacocks call as she comes near
From 3km away her roar one can hear

With strong, bone-crushing jaws
And heavy padded paws
Along with a set of 4" claws

She steps out, in the clear
The animals scatter in fear
They all know who is the Queen here

Flat on the forest floor
Stalking a wild boar
Feeding the cubs is her daily chore

Strong enough to hunt a gaur
Her skill is what she's known for
But if we keep poaching, it's going to be extinct for sure

She can fight-off everything but human greed
She & her jungle are in need
Or, there'll be only photos to see & books to read

- Dhruv & Shree
Image via en.m.wikipedia.org 

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