forest hut

The Tribe

We’re a permaculture farm based in the Velvandi valley of the North Western Ghats. Our journey started in 2017 – the journey has been full of joyful moments & learning experiences.

We believe in & do practice permaculture ethics – Earth & People care. Our activities at the farm are designed & implemented leveraging the skills of farmers & artisans from the local community.


Reading books, Bird watching, Indian classical music, Food, Discovering creatures, Writing poems, Creating with LEGO


Bird watching, Writing poems, Discovering creatures, Creating with LEGO bricks, Micro wildlife photography, Reading books, Reading out to mumma


Gardening, Cooking & Serving food, Trekking, Baking, Celebrating life, Going places


Permaculture design & consultation, Natural building especially with mud & bamboo, Ecological restoration


Eating, Playing, Protecting her pack, Wagging her tail, Exploring


Playing, Pretending  cute, Drooling, Sleeping


Playing, Talking, Tripping humans