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Our Core Ethics

Earth & People Care

We, at Forest Hut, are committed to restore Velvandi valley’s biodiversity. Our projects are designed & implemented leveraging the skills of farmers and artisans from the local community.

We’re equally passionate about natural building techniques. We’ve been experimenting with mud, bamboo, lime and other natural building materials. We share our learnings through our hands-on workshops.


Permaculture Design & Consultation

We can help you design your property or part of your property as per Permaculture principles. We also provide consultation service for regenerative & sustainable land management practices.

Our projects

Natural Wildlife Pond

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Our wildlife ponds are organic, low maintenance, low energy, and safe.

It can be a perfect place to unwind.

Natural Building Workshop

Our self-built mud house & experiments with bamboo construction have taught us a lot. We share our learnings with a larger group through our on-site workshops.

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Active Ecological Restoration

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There are multiple benefits of having a wilderness in your property. We can help you create one.

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A typical property in Velhe taluka is losing 10-12 tonnes of its soil per acre every year.

As per USLE


मौलिक आणि निशिता सारखे मैत्र, आपल्याला वरील श्लोक समजावून देण्यासाठीच अवतरित झाले आहेत. त्यांचा अतिशय सजग अभ्यास आणि खोलात जाऊन काम साध्य करण्याची वृत्ती मला अतिशय भावते, या पुढे हि त्यांच्या समवेत काम करायला मला अतिशय आवडेल. उभयतांना पुढील सर्व प्रकल्पांसाठी हार्दिक शुभेच्छा 🌺🌿

Mr. Umesh Shinde, Abhiyanta

Idea of taking up a project of Cultivated Forest was realised in talking to Maulik Dave. A planned, systematic approach coupled with diligent efforts by Maulik resulted in successful completion of “Minivet Project”. The trees are now a home to various birds, bees and insects. Life is blooming at Minivet with growth of forest. We, team Abhiyanta are thankful to Maulik Dave!!

Mrs. Anjali Tengshe, Abhiyanta

We had a dream. One of creating a dense forest within the farm. There were challenges galore.
For the past few years, we had been planting anywhere between 500-1,000 trees each year around the periphery. All of them were native trees. But survival rate wasn’t all that great. Those which survived, did not grow much.

In March 2021, we sought help from Maulik and Nishita to help us make our dream come true. Over the next few weeks, they made several trips to the farm to study the topography, soil quality and feasibility of the project. Eventually they finalised a 7 guntha plot for the project. Maulik worked on the design of the over next few days and took me through it. He had worked on every minute detail. Since the forest was to come up on a slope, he designed it on multiple levels. This was to ensure that all the plants get equal amount of water and nutrients.

Maulik and Nishita also identified a list of native trees that will survive well in our environment. They gave us a list of nurseries that would be able to deliver the plants. We decided to go with Shri Ganesh Nursery in Saswad.

Then began the earthworks by a team of dedicated artisans identified and trained by Maulik and Nishita. The team led by Hanu Dada knew the drill and were exceptionally efficient. The project also had a keyhole garden that had fruit bearing plants and aromatic flowering shrubs.

Once the monsoons hit the Western Ghats, saplings arrived and team led by Hanu Dada meticulously put them in the ground. During plantation, Maulik and Nishita had bunched the saplings in such a manner that each one of the sub plots had at least one of each variety.

It’s been little over five months since the project has been executed. It’s flourishing and thriving. Some of them have grown by 3-4 feet. Fruit trees have started flowering. Evenings at the farm are now pleasant with Raat Rani blooming. Birds can be heard chirping inside the forest.

Our dream has finally come true, thanks to Maulik and Nishita.

Aditi and Yogesh, Majgaon, Velvandi valley

I bought a small piece of land at village Kolambi in Mar-22 with intensions to ‘grow my own food’ and to build my ‘first home’ after the retirement after few years. I did not have any experience of farming, but wanted to do farming in proper planned manner. I was looking for a consultant as there was no time for me to do experimentation and learn from mistakes. I was very lucky to get contact of Mr. Maulik Dave and now seeing excellent results due to his valuable guidance.

I was very impressed with his Permaculture knowledge and things he has demonstrated at his farm in very short period of less than 4 years. I decided to go ahead with him with no doubts in mind in Jul-22.

I liked the concept of naming every project and the name in my case was ‘Project Robin’. He was ready with the detailed design within just few weeks. Design was prepared very meticulously considering various important aspects like direction of sun, direction of wind, slopes in the land, position of the farmhouse, location of water supply, quality of soil, zonewise detailed list of plants including natives with spacing to be maintained, etc. Not only my expectations about the farm and the plants were included, but he also provided lots of additional inputs proved by him in our village. He optimised the design to use maximum area of the farm for plantation. I strictly adhered to his design and executed plans under his supervision. I planted various trees in Dec-22 and within just 6 months able to see fruiting on various plants. He made sure that no mistakes are done during the execution and personally visited the farm number of times during this period. Helping a beginner like me by giving contacts of various agencies and suggesting things outside his consultancy scope was invaluable. Further he provided me with the ‘maintenace guide’ customised for my farm and I am strictly following the schedules of giving FYM and other organic fertilizers at various zones at my farm.

I still keep on bothering him with my silly queries and he answers all of them with best solutions without any hesitancy. I am very happy with the services provided by him and strongly recommend for getting his consultancy. If his designs and plans are executed properly, there is a surety of success.

Mr. Apte, Kolambi, Velvandi valley