My trip to North pole

The North Pole
Was just ice and sea
Was so cold
Had a cup of hot tea

Saw a polar bear
Also, saw a seal
A walrus chased me
Was right behind my heel

Saw many birds
Like snow goose and Arctic tern
When I saw the walrus again
I quickly made a U-turn

I entered the tundra
Saw a hare, colored brown
It was so beautiful
Rare to see here, let alone in town

I saw a pack of wolves
The adults had hunted a hare
The cubs came out to eat
Unlike hyenas, they like to share

I saw a grizzly bear
It was done hibernating, just like mice
I quickly went away
Back on the ice

I saw a herd of reindeer
My favorite had a red nose
As I suppose

Finally, I met Santa
His home was full of gifts
He kept them all in a building
That had many lifts

Am back home
Went for this trip - I'm glad
Wrote many books about the trip
None of them featured anything sad

- Shree Dave

3 thoughts on “My trip to North pole

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  1. Dearest Dhruv & Shree,

    It is wonderful to see you boys growing into creative, intelligent & sensitive individuals. As always, I am proud of you both.

    Strength of a pack is wolf. And strength of a wolf is pack.

    Merry Christmas & Have a joyful new year!

    Loads of Love,

    P. S. : I will reply to your letters later on.

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