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  • A Monsoon Coat

    A Monsoon Coat

    The mulberry tree proudly displays a lush, green coating that envelops its once barren trunk…

  • Fungi World

    Fungi World

    They are neither animals nor plants. Fungi make up 90% of the total biomass in forest soils and 50% in agricultural soils. Fungi represent about 25% of the biomass on Earth. They are everywhere, and however, little is known of the true biodiversity of Kingdom Fungi. Compared to 435,000 plant species on planet earth, there…

  • Fascinating Creatures

    Do you feel, that sometimes, you glimpsed something strange? Do you feel that you heard something mysterious, that you have never heard before? It could be mundane strange, or, it could be something different. Shielded from our senses because we don’t believe. There are creatures that have been living amongst us & away from us…

  • LEGO Ninjago Creations

    Showcasing some of our early LEGO Ninjago creations. More to follow…

  • LEGO speed build – Gunkie

    LEGO speed build – Gunkie

    Gunkie is a happy-go-lucky skunk who is mostly content with life. When he is not too happy , though, stuff does get really stinky… Here’s a speed build. Gunkie is built using the blocks from the below sets… 1. LEGO Ninjago Lighthouse Siege 70594 2. LEGO Ninjago Zane’s Ice Dragon Creature 71786

  • LEGO speed build – The Flashmaster

    LEGO speed build – The Flashmaster

    ”The Flashmaster” is a pretty peacock who does have a real name but insists upon being called The Flashmaster. He’s very proud of his good looks, but don’t judge him too harshly. Not many humans are different, he says wisely. Here’s a speed build. ”The Flashmaster” is built using the blocks from the below sets……

  • Rufous-necked Hornbill

    Rufous-necked Hornbill

    The rufous-necked hornbill  is a species of hornbill in Bhutan, northeastern India, especially in Arunachal Pradesh, Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia. Feeds mainly on berries and other fruits.

  • Wild Edible Mushrooms of Velvandi Valley

    Wild Edible Mushrooms of Velvandi Valley

    Out of 3.8 million species of fungi on planet Earth, only 20,000 produce mushrooms. From which, only 600 are edible. The edible mushrooms, one of the superfoods, play an important role in food security & nutritional needs of humanity. Not only that, some of these species are incredibly tasty. Our valley hosts many different species…

  • European Honey Buzzard

    European Honey Buzzard

    The European honey buzzard, also known as the pern or common pern, is a bird of prey in the family Accipitridae. The European honey buzzard is a summer migrant to a relatively small area in the western Palearctic. It is a specialist feeder, living mainly on the larvae and nests of wasps and hornets, although it will take small mammals, reptiles, and birds.