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Wild Edible Mushrooms of Velvandi Valley

Out of 3.8 million species of fungi on planet Earth, only 20,000 produce mushrooms. From which, only 600 are edible.

The edible mushrooms, one of the superfoods, play an important role in food security & nutritional needs of humanity. Not only that, some of these species are incredibly tasty.

Our valley hosts many different species of mushrooms. While we will share more on those fascinating mushrooms later, in this post, we are going to dwell on 3 edible species of Velvandi valley.

1. भेंडी अळिंबी (Termitomyces Heimii)

Size: 5 to 10 cm stem, 5 to 7 cm wide cap

Habitat: on or around termite hills

Found during: June to July

This is a ground mushroom, and a primary decomposer. The termitomyces heimii is the main diet of the termites, hence the name. This fungi is grown inside the hill, under special conditions, by the termites. Only in early monsoon does it spring up.

This mushroom has a distinct umami flavour, and a savoury meaty texture. This is the most sought after mushroom among locals.

2. भोयफळ (Lycoperdon Utriforme)

Size: 2 to 3 cm stem, 8 to 15 cm wide  round cap

Habitat: wet grassy undergrowth

Found during: June to August

A ground mushroom that blooms in rain. It has a visible mycelium growth. It’s appearance resembles fermented bread dough, but white.

This is a spongy mushroom. It never grows in compact soil. It is quite rare to find.

These are wonderful gifts from nature. Unless we take care of nature, these gifts will vanish.

3. तांदणी अळिंबी (Coprinus Disseminatoidis)

Size: 2 to 7 cm stem, 1 to 1.5 cm wide cap

Habitat: damp decaying hay, moist soil

Found during: June to August

These mushrooms are most commonly seen  on wet paddy straw or decaying grass. Its vegetative growth is in large flushes.

This species is of great culinary value, and are said to boost immunity.

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    Great info on mushrooms… never even heard of these names of mushrooms… thank you for good lesson,… so proud of you dhruv…

    1. Dhruv Dave Avatar
      Dhruv Dave

      Thank you very much for your support.

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    Komal V

    You have done a detailed research on mushrooms and fungi. Very informative. Good one.

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