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Fascinating Creatures

Do you feel, that sometimes, you glimpsed something strange?

Do you feel that you heard something mysterious, that you have never heard before?

It could be mundane strange, or, it could be something different. Shielded from our senses because we don’t believe. There are creatures that have been living amongst us & away from us for eons. They are not aliens. They are not extra terrestrial. And we cannot feel them because we cannot extend our minds to imagine.

Some are endangered. Some are extinct. Forgotten.

Long ago, these wonderful creatures used to show themselves quite ordinarily. But then people stopped believing. Over the generations, the belief in these creatures thinned down startlingly. If they are forgotten, they will vanish from this world forever.

Thankfully, there are still few people amongst us who believe. This series is an effort to introduce you to the amazing world of these creatures.


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  1. Komal V Avatar
    Komal V

    Interesting topic Dhruv and Shree. Your ability to describe things is so beautiful that i always feel that i am seeing it through my eyes.

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