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Fungi World

They are neither animals nor plants.

Fungi make up 90% of the total biomass in forest soils and 50% in agricultural soils. Fungi represent about 25% of the biomass on Earth.

They are everywhere, and however, little is known of the true biodiversity of Kingdom Fungi.

Compared to 435,000 plant species on planet earth, there are 2.2 million to 3.8 million fungi species. Of these, only about 148,000 have been described. They include microorganisms like yeasts, molds & mushrooms.

Fungi are major decomposers in certain ecosystems – without fungi, there would be piles of dead biomass everywhere.

Fungi also form amazing partnerships with trees. Checkout the following video:

Through upcoming posts under this topic, we hope to share our journey of knowing the amazing world of fungi that we have been seeing at forest hut. It is also an attempt to document our observations so that we learn more from like minded people out there.

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