Bamboos of Velvandi valley

Versatility of Bamboo, a wonder grass, is not unknown. Velvandi valley is a host to 3 wonderful species of bamboo.

Dendrocalamus ritcheyi

Known as Uda in Maharashtra, the Dendrocalamus ritcheyi is endemic to the Western Ghats. It is 3-4.5m & culm diameter is 2.5-3.5cm. The culms are covered with pale-yellow velvet like coating. This straight growing, non-thorny species is solid. It is a strong timber species, and is useful in construction, walking sticks, handicrafts & furniture. It grows in the wild.  

Dendrocalamus stocksii

Here known as Mesh, it is semi-solid to solid bamboo. It can grow upto 10m in height & 3-8cm diameter. It is propagated using rhizomes or vegetative methods. It is useful for all traditional products of bamboo, furniture & construction. It is very popular with private growers & one of the key sources of local livelihood.

Bambusa bambos

Locally known as Kanak, this bamboo is large thorny species.  It is bright-green colored & can grow upto 20m height. Its diameter can go upto 10cm. Generally, they are seen near river banks. Not only is it good for construction, bio fencing & biomass production, but its new shoots are also edible. They are not too popular in private cultivation because they are difficult to manage & harvest due to thorns.

As you would have noticed, all 3 are very different from one another & present very diverse opportunities for livelihoods.

Apart from above species that are well established here, there are few other bamboo species that grow well here. More on that later…

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