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Antidorcas Marsupialis

 Only found in Africa 
From all across the Earth
It can start walking
After 10 minutes of its birth

The calf must be careful
Predators can be lurking anywhere
And when he spots one
The whole herd must be aware

Suddenly the herd scatters
He puts on a burst of speed
But the cheetah has picked him
For survival, a win to the race, he'll need

The cheetah can't run fast too long
She starts getting slow
She then turns around
Letting the springbok go

He has got away, for once
It's not his last encounter with this cat
But he'll eat some grass now
And worry later about that

- Shree
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One response to “Springbok”

  1. Komal V Avatar
    Komal V

    Very good Shree. Your choice of words and its rhyming is fantastic.

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