forest hut

Simba – Our Brother

He is a big friendly giant
He has big flappy ears
Just like of an elephant
As a greeting, on you, drool he smears

With marble like eyes
Wagging his tail when someone comes close
If you leave without playing, he whines & cries
Give him your hand, he will sniff it with a black nose

He can charm with uber cuteness
His coat is browinsh gold
Always bursting with playfulness
While being stubborn & bold

With feet like socks colored white
He sleeps coiled up
Anytime, he doesn't bite
He will always stay a pup

- Shree & Dhruv

1 month young
સીમ્બા ભોળો ભટાક 
લાકડાં તોડે કટાક

- શ્રી દવે

15 months young
The color of हणद
As strong as a બળદ

- Shree Dave

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