forest hut


Tail always wagging
A puppy like a furry teddy bear
Of Sheri he always takes care

Bow, Bow, Bow
All be joyful, do not scorn
'Cause a little Sherobecko is born

Sleepy Simba
Every now & then a nap he'll take
His sleeping routine he'll never break

The fellowship of the gunny bag
Friends come in shapes that vary 
Like Lui, Simba & Sheri

Graceful & bright 
Piggy nose & overall white

“I see something!!”
"It's a UFO!!It's a UFO!!
I can see it shine & glow"

A rainy day
Sheri doesn't like the rain 
She likes the sky all blue & plain

– Dhruv & Shree

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  1. Komal S Vaidya Avatar
    Komal S Vaidya

    Awesome guys.. Both the woofsies are caring and loving too.

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