It is a bird, but it has features more characteristic of a mammal. It has tiny wings, but cannot fly. It has loose feathers that are more like fur and unlike other birds the feathers moult throughout the year. It is the only bird in the world with nostrils at the end of its beak. Its sense of smell is second to none. It has no tail feathers, but does have whiskers, like a cat.It has marrow in its bones, just like a human. The kiwi have one of the largest egg-to-body weight ratios of any bird. The egg averages 15% of the female's body weight (compared to 2% for the ostrich).

Grey Hornbill

The female is known to seal the entrance of the hole with mud pellets, food &amp, her droppings for laying an egg. It is upto the male to feed both the female & the chick. The adults have red iris, while juveniles have orange eyes.


Its nest is not lined and is usually on some wood chips or seeds. The incubation is done by both males and females, but neither sits on the nest for longer than an hour and the eggs are uncovered a lot of the time. They sometimes eat the eggs of other birds.


It lays only one egg per litter. It's the only surviving species left of the family Rhynochetidae and genus Rhynochetos. Monogamous. Critically endangered.

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