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Bird Sightings at Forest Hut

I & Shree have always had a liking for wildlife. After coming to the farm in 2018, our passion got wings. We both developed a great interest in birdwatching. We have been birding for 3 years now. Every new bird that is sighted, is like a treasure.

Here are a few of the interesting sightings…

June 2019, Monsoon – Great Hornbill

It was around 3:00 in the afternoon, but the weather was cool and misty. The plantation was in full swing.

The Crested Serpent-Eagle, otherwise seldom heard, let alone seen through the rains, was very vocal that day. It had been uttering shrill notes since the morning. All of us were busy with the plantation, and we heard this strange throaty barking call coming from the direction of the Varoti Wadi Devrai, no more than half a kilometer away from our farm. An old lady from the neighboring village claimed she had never heard this sound before. And then we saw them.

From a distance we thought they were birds of prey. But then we saw the giant bill, the white-striped wings, & the bright yellow casque. As they came closer, we saw that they were much bigger than birds of prey. The pair of Great Hornbills flew majestically towards us, standing out against the lush green forested mountains behind. We stood, enchanted, to the spot. The giant birds perched on a tall tree in our farm. They sat there for a few moments, before soaring away into the mist.

As farmers of the forests, they are known
Black & Yellow plumage, they own
4 feet tall when full-grown

I still return to that memory & think it was a dream. One of the many gifts from nature.

April 2023 – Black-crowned Night Heron

It was 10:30 in the morning. We were under a Ficus tree in our backyard. It was fruiting, and there was a great variety of birds who were there to feed on the fruits. As we walked under the tree, we heard a loud flutter as an Indian Grey Hornbill flew of towards a denser canopy. We had evidently disturbed it. We followed the hornbill towards the taller trees. Shree was craning his neck to catch a glimpse of grey through the foliage. We did see something grey. But it wasn’t the hornbill. It was something white & black. In a rush of excitement, we realized that this was something new. This bird was much, much bigger. We strained with our binoculars, until we could get a proper view. We first thought it was a penguin up there. A closer look revealed that it was so motionless that it could only be a heron.

Behind the Green foliage, keeping out of view
Can only see patches of pearly-white hue
Sitting as motionless as a statue

The Black-crowned Night Heron posed there for us to photograph & observe to our fill. Another one of the many gifts from nature.

But these not the only unforgettable sightings. We’ve been maintaining a list of all bird sightings at Forest Hut.

No.Common NameMonth Sighted-inLocationNotes
1Jungle Bush QuailJune – OctoberThrough out the farm
2Grey JunglefowlYear roundMainly in the Zone 4/5 – Native Plantation
3Indian PeafowlJune – NovemberBelow the Food forest
4Wooly-necked StorkN/AFlying high overheadOnly three sightings so far
5Black-crowned Night HeronAprilAcacia ForestOnly one sightings so far
6Indian Pond HeronYear roundMainly on the river-bank
7Grey HeronN/AWest PondOnly one sightings so far
8Little CormorantYear roundMainly flying overhead
9Peregrine FalconN/AFlying low 
10Oriental Honey-BuzzardDry seasonFlying overhead
11Black-winged KiteDry seasonVisible perch on bare tree
12Brahminy KiteN/AAcacia ForestOnly one sightings so far
13Indian VultureNovember – MarchFlying high overhead
14Short-Toed Snake EagleN/AFlying overhead Only one sightings so far
15Crested Serpent EagleYear roundThrough out the farm
16ShikraYear roundThrough out the farm
17Black EagleMayAbove houseOnly one sighting so far
18Cattle EgretN/AFlying overhead 
19Crested Hawk EagleOctober – MarchFlying overhead
20White-breasted WaterhenJulyWestside of houseOnly one sightings so far
21Red-wattled LapwingYear roundFlying overheadHeard more than seen
22Oriental Turtle DoveOctober – FebruaryHouse site
23Spotted DoveYear roundThrough out the farm
24Yellow-footed Green PigeonN/ATerminalia paniculata ahead houseOnly one sightings so far
25Rose-ringed ParakeetOctober – DecemberVeggie-garden Terminalia paniculata
26Plum-headed ParakeetOctober – JanuaryKharel in Zone 4/5 – Native Plantation & Veggie-garden Terminalia paniculata
27Common Hawk CuckooMay – JuneThrough out the farm
28Southern CoucalYear roundThrough out the farm
29Barn OwlN/AAcacia ForestOnly one sightings so far
30Indian Eagle OwlNovember – MarchFlying overheadOnly one sightings so far
31Indian NightjarNovember – MarchN/AHeard only
32Wire-tailed SwallowNovember – MarchFlying overhead
33Indian RollerDry seasonFlying Low 
34Brown Wood OwlNovember – MarchZone 4/5 – Native PlantationHeard more than seen
35White-throated KingfisherYear roundThrough out the farm
36Common KingfisherYear roundNear riverOnly one sightings so far
37Green Bee-eaterMainly dry seasonThrough out the farm
38Common HoopoeDry seasonTerminalia Paniculata ahead houseOnly one sightings so far
39Indian Grey HornbillNovember – MarchAcacia Forest
40Malabar Pied HornbillJuly – AugustFlying high overheadOnly one sightings so far
41Great HornbillJuneFlying from West to East – Perched at Acacia ForestPair – Only one sightings so far
42White-cheeked BarbetYear roundThrough out the farm
43Coppersmith BarbetMarch – MayFicus tree in Backyard
44Common WoodshrikeYear roundThrough out the farm
45Common IoraYear roundThrough out the farm
46Small MinivetYear roundThrough out the farm
47Orange MinivetJune – OctoberThrough out the farm
48Long-tailed ShrikeDry seasonMainly around Karvands
49Indian Golden OrioleNovember – MarchThrough out the farm
50Black DrongoDry seasonThrough out the farm
51Ashy DrongoDecemberThrough out the farmOnly one sightings so far
52White-bellied DrongoFebruary – MayBig D. Brandisii
53Indian Paradise-flycatcherNovember – FebruaryEastern Slope
54Rufous TreepieN/AThrough out the farm
55Indian Jungle CrowYear roundThrough out the farm
56Indian Yellow TitYear roundThrough out the farm
57Barn SwallowNovember – MarchFlying overhead
58Oriental SkylarkYear roundN/A
59Red-whiskered BulbulYear roundThrough out the farm
60Red-vented BulbulYear roundThrough out the farm
61Clamorous Reed WarblerYear roundThrough out the farm
62Puff-throated BabblerYear roundThrough out the farm
63Indian Scimitar BabblerYear roundThrough out the farm
64Jungle BabblerYear roundThrough out the farm
65Lesser Hill MynaNovember – JanuaryZone 4/5 – Native Plantation
66Jungle MynaYear roundThrough out the farm
67Brahminy StarlingYear roundThrough out the farm
68Malabar Whistling ThrushJune – AugustThrough out the farmHeard more than seen
69Orange-headed ThrushNovember – JanuaryZone 4/5 – Native Plantation and Veggie beds
70Oriental Magpie RobinYear roundThrough out the farm
71Indian RobinYear roundThrough out the farm
72Pied BushchatDry seasonThrough out the farm
73Verditer FlycatcherNovember – FebruaryMulberry on upper veggie beds
74Tickell’s Blue Flycatcher Year roundFood Forest
75Jerdon’s Leafbird August – SeptemberTerminalia Paniculata on top veggie bed
76Purple-rumped SunbirdSeptember – DecemberZone 4/5 – Native Plantation
77Crimson-backed SunbirdSeptember – DecemberZone 4/5 – Native Plantation
78Purple SunbirdYear roundThrough out the farm
79Scaly-breasted MuniaYear roundThrough out the farm
80White-rumped MuniaYear roundThrough out the farm
81Yellow WagtailNovemberNear River
82White-browed WagtailDecemberNear house
83Common RosefinchFebruaryThrough out the farm
We’ll keep updating this list as we have more feathered visitors.

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  1. Shivang Vaidya Avatar
    Shivang Vaidya

    It was drafted so well that I could feel the excitement and visualize the whole of your experience. Keep it up and I am waiting for more.

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    An excellent documentation, nicely written

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    Komal V

    I am so excited to see it all by myself. You are so blessed by Mother Nature.

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