The Grumpy Cat

Quite grumpy, by nature 
Her turquoise eyes, a striking feature

Twitching whiskers, a crooked tail
This moggy monarch, all must hail

A suspicious blackcurrant nose
Always sitting in a regal pose

Her mind only on food, nothing else
In her growling stomach, just hunger dwells

Crafty and a little mean
The shadow empress, the dark queen

She's now trifle old - seen many a summer
Each year makes her more grumpy, so that's a bummer

But she is very kind with her kittens
(Yes, yes, she also sews them mittens)

She takes her pilloos from door to door
She's produced many generations, and she'll give out some more

3 thoughts on “The Grumpy Cat

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  1. Is she Fittoo’s mother?? She is lucky to have FOREST HUT as her home with such caring people around. And yes, She does look grumpy.


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