forest hut

The Silly Poem

Neighbours they were, the cat & the owl
At night, for rats, they would prowl

One night, it rained heavily there
Soon, there were no rats anywhere

When the duo came out to satisfy their hunger
They realized, the place held rats no longer

"Where are the rats?" the feline wondered
"Maybe they ran away" replied the bird

"I'm so hungry" the cat sadly said
But, with an empty stomach, they went to bed

Now, I know that this cat wasn't wise
But the owl? He was otherwise

Next morning, there was no cat
You may be wondering why is that

All I can say, is the owl was fatter
And that, I hope, should be the end of the matter

4 responses to “The Silly Poem”

  1. Seemantinee Khot Avatar

    Different genre this time! Loved your witty rhyme, Shree!

    1. Shree Avatar

      Thank you, Tai.

  2. Komal V Avatar
    Komal V

    Survival of the fittest.your style is evolving Shree.nice one.

    1. Shree Avatar

      Thank you, Komal masi.

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