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Petradona Acustinalr

  • Size: 5′ tip to tail, 3′ tall
  • Voice: Similar to the howl of heavy wind
  • Status: Rare – uncertain
  • Diet: Carnivore – Scavanger
  • Family Origin: Petradona
  • Speed: Can reach upto 85 kmph
  • Habitat: Storm prone areas – mostly coastal zones
  • Characteristics: Diurnal scavanger. Avoids conflict with other animals. Silently follows predators. Solitary.

A calm creature by nature & gets startled easily. When threatened, it runs. But when cornered, it creates a small storm of approximately 10′ diameter with it’s tail. If the stormskeet feels really endangered, it also shoots tendrils of lightening from it’s ears into the storm. These storms encase the predator. This may save the stormskeet, but it leaves it heavily exhausted.

The stormskeet can also turn into clouds. It becomes feel-through while maintaining it’s form, like mist. But to perform any activity (such as eating or playing), it has to become solid again. When in cloud form, it keeps floating higher into the air. Once they float above forest canopy, it cannot transform to it’s original form again.

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