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Niger, A Bee’s Supermarket

17th November, 2022 

Niger (Guizotia Abyssinica) is an oilseed & flowers from October to January. It’s a storehouse of nectar & pollen.

We observed Apis cerana indica, the species of bee we have in the boxes, collecting nectar & pollen from the Niger flowers.

An Apis cerana on Niger
Apis cerana carrying pollen along with an Apis florea

We also saw wild bees on the flowers.

The rock bees, Apis dorsata are big & are the bees that build those large honeycombs on tall trees & rocks.

A rock bee collecting nectar

Apis florea, little bees, on the other hand are quite small as their name suggests.

It was a magical sight to see 3 species of bees at the same time, on the same flowers.

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  1. Komal V Avatar
    Komal V

    Very minute observation Shree. Bees are quite interesting creatures. Very hard working.

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