Settling in

5th November,2022

It was morning and we were excited to watch the honey bees. Being winter morning, covered ourselves in warm clothing.

Around 8 AM, reached box 1. We named the box “Maya”. It was an incredible sight. Our industrious bees were already out exploring the place. They were continuously exiting & entering Maya. And, in addition, majority of the bees were carrying pollens, yellow & orange. Few were really enthusiastic to carry pollens in both of their baskets on their hind legs. That made the baskets heavy & after landing, had to waddle its way into Maya. It was a joyful sight. It was relieving to know that the bees had found continuous source of pollen. Having good pollen sources is more important than nectar sources.

Maya colony bees carrying yellowish pollens in their pollen baskets

Availability of pollen (being the source of protein) will make the bee colony stronger.

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