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Buzz at Forest Hut

31st October,  2022

Thousands & thousands of guests were already on their way to our farm. Soon, they were going to call Forest hut their new home.

And around 10:30 PM, amidst chilling cold and winds, they arrived at Forest hut. Our hearts were full of joy and excitement, welcoming the industrious souls.

Woke up early at the break of dawn, 1st Nov, wanting to catch a glimpse of my new friends, carefully neared one of the boxes….and, with my heart thumping, caught the first look of adventurous, Apis cerana indica. Curiously buzzing and zooming out to explore the whole new world around.

2 responses to “Buzz at Forest Hut”

  1. Komal V Avatar
    Komal V

    Congratulations to team Forest Hut.

    1. Nishita Dave Avatar
      Nishita Dave

      Thank you so much, Komal

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