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  • The Exploring Ladybug

    The Exploring Ladybug

    The Larch Ladybug is carefully navigating the vibrant foliage of the Mango plant, seeking out its next destination…

  • Northern Pike

    Northern Pike

    Northern pike are most often olive green, shading from yellow to white along the belly. It typically lives to 10–15 years, but sometimes up to 25 years.

  • The Hunting Party

    The Hunting Party

    Did you think that only a pride of lions or a pack of wolves can hunt in coordination? Check this out…

  • A Toxic Beauty

    A Toxic Beauty

    You might think these flowers are beautiful, but don’t be too quick to trust their appearance. It’s worth mentioning that every single part of this plant happens to be poisonous. Stay cautious!

  • Moss – On the Rocks

    Moss – On the Rocks

    Mosses have thrived since the ancient Permian period, showcasing their remarkable ability to flourish in even the most nutrient-deprived environments. It is truly fascinating to witness their resilience and adaptability.

  • A Colourful Visitor

    A Colourful Visitor

    This strikingly beautiful orthopteran stands motionless on a car bonnet. Where does he want to go?

  • Thirsty Butterfly

    Thirsty Butterfly

    This beautiful butterfly has just found the perfect place to quench its thirst: a bamboo leaf…

  • LEGO speed build – Grop

    LEGO speed build – Grop

    Grop is an old arctic wolf. He is an efficient hunter & the leader of his pack. Here’s a speed build. Grop is built using bricks from the following LEGO sets. 1. LEGO Ninjago Lighthouse Siege 70594 2. LEGO Classic Creative Supplement 10693 3. LEGO Ninjago Zane’s Ice Dragon Creature 71786 4. LEGO Ninjago Nya’s…

  • A Blue Pansy

    A Blue Pansy

    This beautiful butterfly gracefully rests in the tranquility of the enchanting forest floor…