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Wabli & Uret – An Encounter with Crocadilla

Wabli & Uret, looking for tuber roots, 
Berries, mushrooms, figs & fruits
Wabli wearing his new deer-skin boots

In the river, he saw a log floating there
It looked strange, but his attention was elsewhere
At second glance, it wasn't anywhere

Below the water, a grugling sound, he could hear
To the river, he went near
Through the muddy water, he couldn't see clear

Suddenly, the surface broke, and he saw a snout
He let out a calling shout
From the thicket, Uret came running out

Crocadilla swished his tail and nose
And out of the water, he rose
Striking up a deadly pose

This was the very wile
And hungry crocodile
He scared with unnerving style

Crocadilla saw in front of him his next meal
He was tired of eating fish and teal
Of exotic meat, he wanted a feel

Crocadilla stepped forward to attack
Uret bared her fangs back
Wabli raised his club to whack
The reptile crawled up the ground
Uret leapt with a bound
Wabli gave it a whack - it was sound

But crocs are tough
Their armour hard & rough
But hard as it was, Wabli was no bluff

Uret jump on his hump
Wabli, again, hefted his stump
And walloped Crocadilla on the rump

Crocadilla flicked Uret away
She fell with a thump on the hay
Out cold, there she lay

The beast opened his mouth to bite
Wabli stuffed-in the stump, it stuck tight
Then, he quickly picked up Uret and ran out of sight

Crocadilla chomped down the club
And entered the river with a watery blub
Disappearing below the surface with grugle glub

Back at the Den of The Bear
The 2 friends decide better here than there
They won't venture again near Crocadilla's lair

- Dhruv & Shree

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