How to be a good guest?

As a guest, your job is to make your host comfortable. I’m sharing few points that I have found helpful.

I’m sure that if you practice these points, your host will love you for it & surely invite you again!

Know your host(s)

Understand your surroundings, your company. Understand your hosts’ routine & melt-in .

Be an early riser.

Be respectful

Know the rules of the house & respect them. Adjust, if you have to.

Enjoy hospitality

Never turn down anything that is given / offered to you by the host. Try to make it easy for them.

Especially for food – Take small servings to start with. Don’t hesitate to ask for more if you like it – your hosts will love you for this. Appreciate genuinely.

Never waste food.

Be genuine

Be yourself. Be truthful. When asked, express your opinion / preference, respectfully. At the same time, avoid arguments.


Hear out your hosts, patiently. They will have lot to share about their place, interests and possessions. Minimize bringing up topics around yourself.

End of the day, make sure that you & your hosts enjoy!

3 thoughts on “How to be a good guest?

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  1. Dear Dhruv, you indeed have very useful tips, both guests and hosts will benefit from! Who would not love to have such guests! Very sensitive and balanced.

    Liked by 1 person

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