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  • Mythical Monsters

    Mythical Monsters

    Creatures from the Greek mythology.

  • Springtime


    When Winter is over and Summer is not yet here it is time for….

  • Sunset at the Savanah

    Sunset at the Savanah

    A hot, dry grassland, home to a variety of fauna. The Savanah hosts few of the world’s most well-known animals species.

  • Riverside Rally

    Riverside Rally

    All the riverside animals have come for a meeting. The rally is on…

  • Outback Odyssey

    Outback Odyssey

    The Outback is the colloquial name for the vast, unpopulated and mainly arid areas that comprise Australia’s interior and remote coasts. The Red Centre, in the Northern Territory, exemplifies the Outback.

  • Rainforest Riddle

    Rainforest Riddle

    A tropical rainforest typically has a number of layers, each with different species adapted for life in that particular environment. More than half of the world’s plants and animals are found in the rainforests. Rainforests are one the most biodiverse systems in the world in terms of flora and fauna.

  • Jurassic Jumble

    Jurassic Jumble

    A painting found in an ancient cave by two Paleontologists. it dates back to 65 MYA.

  • Fish Feeders’ Frenzy

    Fish Feeders’ Frenzy

    A lake is a busy place for birds. It attracts a diverse array of water birds.

  • Tundra Tales

    Tundra Tales

    Tundra is the region around the North Pole. This icy world has long winters. The Sun sets & doesn’t rise again for several weeks.