Purple Martin

The Purple Martin is a passerine bird in the swallow family Hirundinidae. It is the largest swallow in North America. Despite its name, the purple martin is not truly purple. Purple martins are insectivores, primarily feed by hawking, a strategy of catching insects in the air during flight.


The Roseate Spoonbill is a gregarious wading bird of the ibis and spoonbill family, Threskiornithidae. It is a resident breeder in both South and North America. It feeds on crustaceans, aquatic insects, frogs, newts and fish.

Vernal Hanging Parrot

The Vernal Hanging Parrot is bird in the genus Loriculus, a group of small parrots from tropical southern Asia. They are unique among birds for their ability to sleep upside down. It primary diet is berries.

White Throated Swift

The White Throated Swift is a swift of the family Apodidae native to western North America. They're social birds, and groups are often seen roosting and foraging for flying insects together.


The Spectacled Fulvetta is a bird species in the family Paradoxornithidae. Like the other typical fulvettas, it was long included in the Timaliidae genus Alcippe or in the Sylviidae. It is found in China. Its natural habitat is temperate forests.

Wild Edible Mushrooms of Velvandi Valley

Out of 3.8 million species of fungi on planet Earth, only 20,000 produce mushrooms. From which, only 600 are edible. The edible mushrooms, one of the superfoods, play an important role in food security & nutritional needs of humanity. Not only that, some of these species are incredibly tasty. Our valley hosts many different species... Continue Reading →

Scops Owl

The Eurasian scops owl is a small owl in the typical owl family Strigidae. This bird breeds in southern Europe eastwards into western and central Asia. It takes small prey such as insects and other invertebrates. It is largely nocturnal.

European Honey Buzzard

The European honey buzzard, also known as the pern or common pern, is a bird of prey in the family Accipitridae. The European honey buzzard is a summer migrant to a relatively small area in the western Palearctic. It is a specialist feeder, living mainly on the larvae and nests of wasps and hornets, although it will take small mammals, reptiles, and birds.


Spotted Honeyguides are near passerine birds in the order Piciformes. They are also known as indicator birds, or honey birds. It is found in Africa.

Great black-backed Gull

The Great Black-backed Gull is the largest member of the gull family. Described by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology as "the king of the Atlantic waterfront", it is a very aggressive hunter, pirate, and scavenger. Primary prey is fish. It is the apex predator of its domain.

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