The Spectacled Fulvetta is a bird species in the family Paradoxornithidae. Like the other typical fulvettas, it was long included in the Timaliidae genus Alcippe or in the Sylviidae. It is found in China. Its natural habitat is temperate forests.

Scops Owl

The Eurasian scops owl is a small owl in the typical owl family Strigidae. This bird breeds in southern Europe eastwards into western and central Asia. It takes small prey such as insects and other invertebrates. It is largely nocturnal.


Spotted Honeyguides are near passerine birds in the order Piciformes. They are also known as indicator birds, or honey birds. It is found in Africa.


The Greater Roadrunner is a long-legged bird in the cuckoo family, Cuculidae, from the Aridoamerica region in the Southwestern United States and Mexico. The greater roadrunner is monogamous, forming long-term pair bonds. Greater roadrunner couples defend a territory of about 700 to 800 m in size.

Raggiana Bird Of Paradise

The Raggiana Bird of Paradise also known as Count Raggi's bird of-paradise, is a large bird in the bird of paradise family Paradisaeidae. Its diet consists mainly of fruits. The species is an important seed disperser of some fruiting trees in New Guinea.

Large Grey Babbler

The Large Grey Babbler is a member of the family Leiothrichidae found across India and far western Nepal. Their nests are parasitized by the pied cuckoo and the common hawk-cuckoo. They feed mainly on insects but also feed on small lizards, molluscs and arachnids. They also feed on seeds, grains and berries.

Lappet Faced Vulture

The Lappet Faced Vulture or Nubian vulture is an Old World vulture belonging to the bird order Accipitriformes. The nominate race lives throughout Africa. It has a wingspan of 8.2–9.5 ft. It is a carrion eater. Endangered.

Green Peafowl

The Green Peafowl or Indonesian peafowl is a peafowl species native to the tropical forests of Southeast Asia. It is the national bird of Myanmar. The male is 1.8–3 m in total length. Endangered.

Eurasian Magpie

The Eurasian Magpie or common magpie is a resident breeding bird throughout the northern part of the Eurasian continent. It prefers tall trees for its bulky nest, firmly attaching them to a central fork in the upper branches. Feeds mainly on carrion.

Northern Hawk Owl

The Northern Hawk Owl or is a medium-sized true owl of the northern latitudes. The northern hawk-owl feeds on a variety of prey, which can include small rodents to mammals more robust in size, and a variety of birds. The northern hawk-owl is a partially diurnal hunter, although it has been recorded hunting at varying times and does not appear to have a preferred hunting time. The northern hawk-owl is considered a falconry bird in Ontario, and may be used to hunt small game with a proper license.

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