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LEGO Ninjago Creations

Here are some LEGO Ninjago creations from me & Shree. These creations are made using bricks from different sets.

Bumper – the burrowing bulldragon

Bumper is Cole’s burrowing bulldragon. Bumper is very strong but kind of dim. He travels underground, often taking Cole with him.

Nya’s Aquabeast

This is Nya’s Aquabeast. It can travel at incredible speeds in water, & like Nya, the Aquabeast can heal itself & others rapidly.

Cyro Shieldtail

Zane has ice creature called a Cyro Shieldtail. This creature is perfect for Zane apart from the fact that it does not have a power socket.

Jay’s Thunderfly

Jay zooms around at lightning speed astride his Thunderfly. The Thunderfly can generate electricity from the tip of its long tail.


Puggles is a podgy dragon that belongs to Lloyd. It is useless in battle, but is very close to his master.

Weatherstone & Moonwatcher

Weatherstone & Moonwatcher are ancient centaurs who have extensive knowledge about many things, such as magic, astronomy, & foresight. They only spare the ninjas because they are friends with Sensei Wu.

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