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LEGO speed build – Kifaru

Kifaru is a huge white rhino. Even though he is no longer a calf, he still likes to charge around & wreck things. Really, he doesn’t mean to be destructive, but he just can’t help it.

Here’s a speed build.

Kifaru is built using the blocks from the below sets…

1. LEGO Ninjago Lighthouse Siege 70594
2. LEGO Classic Creative Supplement 10693
3. LEGO Ninjago Zane’s Ice Dragon Creature 71786

2 responses to “LEGO speed build – Kifaru”

  1. Komal V Avatar
    Komal V

    Is it a real animal? Lego rhino looks very cute.

    1. Shree Avatar

      The rhinoceros is called Kifaru in Swahili.

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