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Wabli & Uret – The Den of The Bear

A long time ago
When Wabli was out alone
Not knowing where to go

It was dark & he was still wandering about
Trying to find a place to sleep
Suddenly, he let out a shout

For behind him, he heard a growl
A bunch of eyes shining in the gloom
The snarl sounded nasty and foul

From the black came shapes big
Razor sharp teeth glinting
In the light of his firey twig

One canine leapt at him
Wabli turned & ran
Hopping over a rocky stream

Another one got too close
Wabli threw his fire behind his shoulder
Setting fire to the hyena's nose

Wabli had reached the top of a rocky slope
He found a cave like structure
A place to hide, gave him a spark of hope

All of a sudden, out lumbered a lump of dark
Charging past Wabli, into the scavangers
A howl & they scattered with a bark

It was a Cave Bear
Whose eyes were now on Wabli
He had disturbed the bear in it's lair

The bear grunted in displeasure
Regarded Wabli with amber eyes
Kicking up dust for good measure

Wabli stayed silent
If he surprised the bear
Things could get violent

Surprisingly, it left Wabli alone
It shuffled away down the slope
Wabli sighed, and turned towards the stone

He explored inside the den
And started a fire with the wood around
After the night's events, he fell asleep, not knowing when


He settled & made the place homely
The cave was very comfortable
Spaciousness that suited Wabli

Wabli named it 'The Den of The Bear'
He painted one at the mouth of the cave
Of the den, he took great care

Here is where Wabli found Uret
Or rather, Uret found Wabli
Someday, i'll tell you how they met

An outjutting rock was there for Wabli to sleep
Naturally raised from the ground it was
Where reptiles won't creep

A house full of laughter it was
Protecting the inhabitants against harm
In summer dry, and in rains dotted with moss

On the walls some animals he drew
The cave was home to a spider too
And together they grew
This is where Wabli & Uret live
The Den of the great Bear
The spirit of the bear protects them, as they believe

- Dhruv & Shree

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  1. Komal V Avatar
    Komal V

    Your imagination is awesome. The story is perfect for an animated children’s web series. I wish one day you both will direct a series of yours.

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