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Wabli & Uret – Introduction

Big and brave 
The man in the cave
Wabli has never had a shave

His beard is scraggly & long
Muscly and strong
If you think he's daft, you're wrong
His wolf, Uret, has been lost somewhere 
Uret had run-off behind a hare
Now Wabli feels lonely in his lair

Outside, there's a dark storm
He drapes a blanket, to keep himself warm
Suddenly, he spots an approaching form

There is a low growl
But, Wabli's no fowl
All it does, is make him scowl

He snatches the spear
On his face, there's no sign of fear
As the beast steps out in the clear


It is his pet
The wolf, Uret
Because of the rain, she's quite wet

They sleep together
Through the stormy weather
With his pet, Wabli feels way better

- Dhruv & Shree
The Den Of The Bear

2 responses to “Wabli & Uret – Introduction”

  1. Komal V Avatar
    Komal V

    Amazing poem Dhruv and Shree. The drawing is also very beautiful. I could see Wabli searching for Uret, your poems help one visualise the situation in the best way. Wonderful!!!

  2. Umesh Bhatt Avatar
    Umesh Bhatt

    Very creative…..Nice painting…keep it up..👍👍✨️

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