forest hut

Birds @ Forest Hut

Many birds live at forest hut
Some come & go
Like paradise flycatcher,
Warbler & Ashy drongo

Many talkative birds there are
Babbler is one such bird
The bird just keeps on chirping
It just has to be heard

At morning, they go for food
Bulbuls always have something to say
Bee-eater takes position on a pole
Quails climb on a mound of hay

At afternoon, when the sun is high
Come the birds of prey
Their sharp eyes ready to spot
The eagle brown and the falcon grey

A black shape flies across the sky
Here comes the crow
There it goes
Crowing caw-caw-caw

At evening, time to go back home
Flapping their wings
As they reach home
The Magpie Robin sings

At night, a nightjar calls
Hear the owls say ghoo-ghoo
And a lapwing says did-you-do-it?
And the night questions - who-are-you-talking-to?

- Shree Dave

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  1. Komal V Avatar
    Komal V

    Superb Shree. While reading your poetry I felt like i was actually seeing all these birds at Forest Hut. Awesome!!!

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