forest hut

My trip to North pole

The North Pole
Was just ice and sea
Was so cold
Had a cup of hot tea

Saw a polar bear
Also, saw a seal
A walrus chased me
Was right at my heel

Saw many birds
Like snow goose and Arctic tern
When I saw the walrus again
I quickly made a U-turn

I entered the tundra
Saw a hare, colored brown
It was so beautiful
Rare to see here, let alone in town

I saw a pack of wolves
The adults had hunted a hare
The cubs came out to eat
Unlike hyenas, they like to share

I saw a grizzly bear
It was done hibernating, just like mice
I quickly went away
Back on the ice

I saw a herd of reindeer
My favorite had a red nose
As I suppose

Finally, I met Santa
His home was full of gifts
He kept them all in a tall tower
That had many lifts

Am back home
Went for this trip - I'm glad
Wrote many books about the trip
None of them featured anything sad

- Shree Dave

4 responses to “My trip to North pole”

  1. Komal S Vaidya Avatar
    Komal S Vaidya

    Excellent Shree..i could easily visualise it. Wonderful.

    1. Shree Avatar

      Thank you

  2. Santa Avatar

    Dearest Dhruv & Shree,

    It is wonderful to see you boys growing into creative, intelligent & sensitive individuals. As always, I am proud of you both.

    Strength of a pack is wolf. And strength of a wolf is pack.

    Merry Christmas & Have a joyful new year!

    Loads of Love,

    P. S. : I will reply to your letters later on.

    1. Dhruv Dave Avatar
      Dhruv Dave

      Merry Christmas Santa! It’s good to see you on We’ll see you soon. Eagerly waiting for your letter.

      -Dhruv & Shree

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