Some interesting information around number 7.

- 7 seas
- 7 continents
- 7 colors of the rainbow
- 7 stars in the big dipper - Saptarshi
- 7 days of the week
- 7 sur of Indian classical music
- 7 is the maximum times you can fold square paper in half
- 7 is a total of any two opposite faces of a dice
- 7 musical notes
- 7 vyahrtis and
- 7 pātālas as per ancient Indian scriptures
- 7 brothers is what a flock of babblers is called
- 7 trunks of Airavat, Indra's mount
- 7 horses in Lord Surya's chariot
- 7 cheeranjivis (immortals) as per Hindu mythology
- 7 large rings of Saturn

Shree Dave

Comment below, if you know any other such 7s.

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