forest hut


It is a calm day
All is silent
Then thunder strikes
And it becomes violent

It starts out small
It breaks out huge
It hammers on our back
As we race for refuge

To some, it is bore and sore
To me, it is none
You may catch a cold
But it is worth all the fun

And just as it started, it stops
We say our goodbyes to the rain
But though it goes, it won't go far
Do I dare hope it will come back again

3 responses to “Rain”

  1. Seemantinee Khot Avatar
    Seemantinee Khot

    I feel so happy and priviledged to be part of the same forest and share the hut occasionally! Looking forward to the journey ahead!💐

  2. aparna_perspectivematters Avatar

    Neither sore nor bore … Lovely poem ❤️

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