forest hut

A day at forest hut

A day at forest hut
Is one day in my farm
Being in the lap of nature
Sweeps one with peace and calm

At morning, there is lot of chatter
Up inside the trees
The birds are taking off for food
And there are the buzzing bees

The sun yells as afternoon wears on
He says “none greater than me”
A raptor flies up high in the sky
And smaller birds start to flee

Now, it is evening
Something runs past - it's a gnome!
The birds are flying back to the trees
Back to their waiting home

The lights are on in our cottage
The sound of laughter you can hear
Dinner cooks on our stove
All is jolly, not a tear

Owls and bats are talking
The sky is starry and dark
Mama Nature spreads her black blanket
As a mouse scurries under a bit of fallen tree bark

Night tucks everybody to bed
Everything falls asleep at last
And then the sun pops out once again
And my cottage smells of breakfast!

4 responses to “A day at forest hut”

  1. aparna_perspectivematters Avatar

    Awwee … Sweet sweet poem.. I could visualise everything 🤗

  2. Komal S Vaidya Avatar
    Komal S Vaidya

    Excellent Dhruv..i can visualise everything even though i havent been there.

  3. Komal S Vaidya Avatar
    Komal S Vaidya

    Excellent Dhruv.

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